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Start Up / Scale Up

Last year we focused on profiling high growth "gazelle" companies in our "Year of the Gazelle" series. These gazelle companies are on the cutting edge of innovation in their field, generating revenue—lots of it—and of course creating jobs. This year, our project “Startup/Scaleup” is focusing on what those companies need to scale, how they fit in this region and beyond, and how the region can better support them. 
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Start Up / Scale Up Features


Better together: How Metro Detroit's entrepreneurial ecosystem nurtured Drought Juice

This is the story of four sisters, four juice bars, and how Metro Detroit's startup support network helped grow a mini-empire.

Lana Rodriguez, owner of Mama Coo's Boutique

Finding resources faster: Detroit's rich and expanding entrepreneurial ecosystem

There's an incredible number of resources available for a budding entrepreneur in Detroit. Patrick Dunn surveys our entrepreneurial ecosystem to find out where those resources are and how to access them. 

Ellis Island Tea

As Ellis Island Tea grows, founder Nailah Ellis-Brown makes hiring local a priority

"As we expand and our production increases, my goal is to lower the unemployment rate in Michigan. I can do that by hiring and putting people on the line."

Clinc founder Jason Mars

Look out, Siri: This Ann Arbor startup is revolutionizing artificial intelligence

We've all had those moments of frustration yelling at the finicky AI assistants on our phones. A forward-thinking group of Ann Arbor computer whizzes is out to change that.
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