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Greenview Data

(734) 996-1300
2773 Holyoke Lane
Ann Arbor, Michgan 48103

Ted Green

Software companies are known for their short lives. In the 21st Century economy, many firms in software industry are created with the idea of being acquired. Greenview Data breaks that mold.

The Ann Arbor-based firm has been in business since 1980, and under the name Greenview Data since 1990. It employs a couple dozen people and hires a couple more each year on average. What got it this far? A concept about as old as doing business itself: customer service.

"We have always customized customer service," Green says. "We have a very high customer retention rate."

Greenview Data has made a name for itself by providing email security and encryption services. It is also the company behind the spam-prevention software called SpamStopsHere.

For a company like Greenview Data, providing quality customer service means a lot of things. First off, it’s available to its customers on a 24/7 basis. And when customers call, the person picking up the phone is what’s known as a 3rd-level computer expert. First-level computer experts are the type of people who pick up the phone at Comcast when your Internet goes out. Third-level experts know how to work through problems and solve them.

"Our average customer is a CFO or IT manager," Green says. "They don't want to speak to a 1st-level support person. They want to speak to someone who is on their level."

Another part of Greenview Data’s customer service is the variety of services it offers. SpamStopsHere is a large part of its revenue, but it doesn’t drive growth for the firm. That's email encryption services. But SpamStopsHere is one of a number of services Greenview Data’s customers can leverage.

Green says he wants his firm to offer a complete solution to its customers, or let them pick what they want a la carte. The idea is to give the customers a comprehensive set of choices so they can customize the right solution that will make them happiest.

"We don't force things on them," Green says.

Greenview Data also makes a conscious effort to go at the speed of the customer. If the customer has a problem, even if it’s not one that comes from Greenview Data's software, then it does whatever it has to do to solve it.

It also makes sure not to push too much technological adoption on its clients. If they want to have all of their services come from the cloud, Greenview Data can make that happen. If they want to do part of the services from cloud and part from mort traditional sources, it can make that happen, too. Whatever the customer feels the most comfortable with.

"We don't force people to make these giant leaps of faith, like a big company like Google does," Green says.

- Written by Jon Zemke

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