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LaKeyla McCaskey

How many people work for Gemini II Marketing & Promotions? 
Why did you go into public relations and marketing? 
Small business need marketing resources and a reliable, competent team to build awareness and execute campaigns and events.  To Often the general public is unaware of the "Business Next Door."
Do you think there is support for entrepreneurs in metro Detroit? 
Sure there's some support in metro Detroit, however there is always room for  more.  In fact more is needed.  Why not support the businesses that are already present while simultaneously attracting new businesses? I'm sure the 'new business' would like to hear success stories from the existing business.
What do you see as the biggest obstacle to small business development?
The biggest obstacles to small business development would be funding and awareness of existing support.  To often small businesses are unaware of what support exist.
Who are your clients?
My client base consists of small businesses looking for unique opportunities to build brands. We also provide support for new music artist.
You travel a lot. What is the view that businesses outside of the city have about Detroit? 
The typical response these days is that it's rough in Detroit...I've often heard "you need to get out of there."  Detroit's a jewel...there's always opportunity if you're looking for it.
Does the current economic climate impact your business? 
The current economic climate has definitely impact my business...but I do believe you've got to be ready to make adjustments and sometimes restructure.

What is your background and how does it tie to what you are doing?
I've been in the event and promotions business for more than 10 years.  We produce, manage and market events as well as manage large product marketing campaigns and placement for our clients in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.
What advice would you give to starting entrepreneurs?
My advice to starting entrepreneurs would be to join a professional organization of like  minded people.  It will definitely add to your bottom line and lend itself to support services that so many small businesses need.

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