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iVantage Group

7927 Nemco Way
Suite 235
Brighton, MI 48116

Juliet Shrader, expanding leadership to grow a company

The leadership team at iVantage Group spends a good deal of its time talking to its customers. So much so that the Brighton-based IT company knew change was coming soon, but good change.

"We knew from our conversations that the level of work coming down the pike meant we would need to ramp up our company," says Juliet Shrader, president & CEO of iVantage Group.

For most companies that means adding more grunts doing everyday work. That wasn’t the case for iVantage Group. The 10-year-old company decided to go in a different direction and add to its executive team.

"We did an honest evaluation of our strengths and weaknesses," Shrader says. "That is not an easy thing to do."

IVantage Group specializes in staffing services for the IT, insurance and banking sectors. It helps its clients find IT, engineering, finance and executive talent in the tech world. It employs about 100 people in the field at other firms and dozen core employees at its new office in Brighton.

The important employee number for iVantage Group is four. That’s the number of people on its executive team, which is one more than a few months ago. The firm hired a senior manager of recruiting and development. That hire allowed many of the other managers to focus on what they do best and enabled him to set up some new processes to help the company grow.

"When you are servicing clients speed and depth are a key part of the process," Shrader says. "You also want to train everybody the same."

The new hire also provided an infusion of energy to the team. Shrader notes he is passionate about his job, specifically being able to put the right IT pro in the best position for that person and the firm he/she is working for.

"People want to work with him," Shrader says. "People here are excited to work with him. We're a high-energy team here."

- Written by Jon Zemke

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