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Eskimo Jacks

24551 West 12 Mile Rd.
Southfield, Michigan 48004

Josh Charlip

Explain the business concept of Eskimo Jacks...
Customers create their own flavor combinations from a selection of 11 cookies baked fresh daily (chocolate chip, peanut butter and white chocolate macadamia nut are a few of the offerings) and more than a dozen flavors of Ashby’s Sterling ice cream.

Where did you get the name for your company?
I named the company for my 2-year-old “labradoodle” Jackson, and invented a “legend” around the brand. According to our brochure, Jackson’s long-ago forebear, Eskimo Jack, was at an Alaskan outpost in a blizzard and managed to make his way safely to a store for supplies — where he found only cookies and ice cream. It’s a good thing it wasn’t broccoli and crackers, or the story wouldn’t have led to the greatest invention on Earth.”

In actuality, my spoiled dog prefers eating socks to ice cream, so he’s not a good “spokesdog” for the brand.

You’ve been in the food business for years. Why are you so excited about this new venture?
These are a gourmet yet affordable treat. You can buy the ice cream sandwiches for $2.95 at the Bagel Factory, and there is almost an artistic quality about creating your own ice cream sandwich. It’s almost a magical experience when you first bite into it.

Are they only available at the Bagel Factory?
Nope, this summer, we took Eskimo Jacks on the road. I have a custom-made cart, which has appeared at 25 bar mitzvahs, the ORT Rub a Dub and Camp Hermelin events, CommunityNEXT’s Pitch 4 Detroit, graduation parties and weddings. One local law firm rents the cart every month or so for a treat for employees.

The custom-made ice cream sandwiches  are a big hit. The kids run up right away, but the adults are right behind them! I’ve seen the grown-ups order triple-deckers — three cookies and two scoops of ice cream.

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