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MyFab5 hits key milestones without reinventing social media wheel

"Most users find MyFab5 through Instagram," says Omeid Seirafi-Pour, co-founder & CEO of MyFab5. "We give them value through our ability to introduce people to new options. You will find some awesome restaurants by following us."

Questions with MyFab5 hits key milestones without reinventing social media wheel


Omeid Seirafi-Pour

Omeid Seirafi-Pour is the CEO & co-founder of MyFab5, a social media startup based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Omeid Seirafi-Pour


Omer Kiyani

Omer Kiyani is the founder of Sentinl, a Detroit-based startup that is developing the next generation of gun-safety technology.

Questions with Omer Kiyani


Chris Blauvelt

Chris Blauvelt is the founder & CEO of Patronicity and LaunchGood, two crowd funding platforms based out of the Green Garage in Detroit's Midtown neighborhood.

Questions with Chris Blauvelt


Rami D Fakhoury

Rami D. Fakhoury is the managing director of the Fakhoury Law Group, an immigration employment practice based in Troy.

Questions with Rami D Fakhoury

Nadir Ali

Nadir Ali is the founder of 3andathird, a design start-up based in Detroit.

Questions with Nadir Ali


Nader Najafi

Nader Najafi is the president & CEO of Integrated Sensing Systems (ISSYS), a bio-tech firm based in Ypsilanti.

Questions with Nader Najafi

Sam Abu-Hamdan

Sam Abu-Hamdan is the founder of Alcove9, a software start-up based in Oxford.

Questions with Sam Abu-Hamdan

Moose Scheib

Moose Scheib is the founder of LoanMod.com, a mortgage modification firm based in Dearborn.

Questions with Moose Scheib


Priya Gogoi

Priya Gogoi is the president & co-founder of DeNovo Sciences, a life-sciences start-up based in Ypsilanti.

Questions with Priya Gogoi

Mostansar Virk

Mostansar Virk is the founder of EPIC Translations, a translation firm based in Farmington Hills.

Questions with Mostansar Virk

Ramita Chawla

Ramita Chawla is one of the co-founders of Bite to Meet, a networking start-up based in Metro Detroit.

Questions with Ramita Chawla

Bite to Meet

Ara Howrani

Ara Howrani took over his father's 43-year-old photography studio in July 2006 and turned it into his own little creativity complex in Detroit's New Center neighborhood.

Questions with Ara Howrani

Howrani Studios

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