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Christine Rice

Christine, What do you find most important about your Hispanic legacy?
My grandparents came from Mexico with what they often said was "not having a lot of money, but a whole lot of love." My parents took it to another level and demonstrated that with hard work and dedication and keeping God in the center of your life, comes happiness and success. They operated in faith that their mission was to set up the next generation with these values and the best education possible. Based on their legacy, for me, what are most important are my family and the Lord.  I now share that message with my children.  I get up every day being very thankful for a wonderful family, and being a part of building a dynamic company in VisionIT. I am proud to be a Latina.

Has it been difficult as a Hispanic woman to achieve the success level you have thus far?  
  I am thankful to have had some great mentors and amazing opportunities to learn and grow over the years. All of us face challenges along the way, but what determines whether one moves forward or not, is your belief that you will make it, that you will achieve. You can't let a setback stop you.  In the early days of VisionIT, our company met with a major corporation to ask to be put on their vendor list. They said we were too small of a company at that time to be put on the list.  I was determined to be on their list, so I didn't give up.  I asked what our company would have to do to become a subcontractor with them.  For the next two years our team did everything in its power to demonstrate our value as a subcontractor, and when we went back the next time, they said we could be added to their official vendor list.Years later we ended up winning a contract with this company for over 100M dollars.Being successful at what you do doesn't happen overnight, but if you continue to work hard to make yourself and your team stronger you will be able to overcome any challenge.   

What would be your message to young Hispanics who are looking to have a successful career?
There are three key areas to focus on: 1.) Look for an opportunity that matches your skills and passion. Don't chase money, if you are passionate about what you do for a living, you will be successful and financial reward will come. It will be natural and enjoyable! 2.) Find a mentor. Everyone needs advice and guidance. Look for someone who has already achieved some of your goals and find out how they operate, their philosophies, events they attend, organizations they belong to, and who they surround themselves with.  3.) Get involved in your community and give back.  You will find the more you give, the more you receive.  VisionIT was founded because our CEO was an active member in the community.  He taught inner-city youth about technology and from this came business opportunity and relationships with good people who valued our abilities to serve. You will meet like minded people who are working towards making this World a better place for all of us.  Know that there is no greater feeling in the world than blessing another person with your time, talent, or treasure.

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