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Founders : Software/Information Technology

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Verdi Erel Ergun

Verdi Erel Ergun once owned a burrito shop and is now CEO of a new Ypsilanti-based tech start-up Ergun Technologies.

Questions with Verdi Erel Ergun

Mike Monan and Stephen Colson

Mike Monan and Stephen Colson are the co-founders of Switchback, a website development firm in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Mike Monan and Stephen Colson


Pete Bonner

Pete Bonner is one of the first people to sell cars over the Internet and is now a co-founder with the Detroit Trading Company.

Questions with Pete Bonner

Jon Citrin

Jon Citrin returned home to Birmingham and set up his own financial services business, CitrinGroup, after working for financial firms all around the world.

Questions with Jon Citrin


Mark Lichtman

Mark Lichtman is the CEO of ZenaComp, which had an annual revenue of 1.8 million in 2009.

Questions with Mark Lichtman


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