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Mark Symonds

Mark Symonds is the CEO of Plex Systems, which provides software services for manufacturers.

Questions with Mark Symonds

Plex Systems

Roger Rush

Roger Rush is the founder & president of Network Source One, an IT firm based in Wixom.

Questions with Roger Rush

Ben Bator

Ben Bator is the co-founder of Texts From Last Night, an Internet start-up based in downtown Royal Oak.

Questions with Ben Bator

Cindy Pasky

Cindy Pasky is the CEO of Strategic Staffing Solutions, an IT firm based in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Cindy Pasky

Md. Shahnoor Amin

Md. Shahnoor Amin is the co-founder of June Energy, an Ann Arbor-based start-up that is developing a portable solar panel that charges cell phones.

Questions with Md. Shahnoor Amin

June Energy

Nalini Motwani

Nalini Motwani is the president & owner of ApoLife, a pharmaceutical research and development company based in Detroit.

Questions with Nalini Motwani


Jonathan Zagel

Jonathan Zagel is the business manager for ElectroDynamic Applications, a space technology firm based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Jonathan Zagel

John Edwards

John Edwards is the president & CEO of Edwards Brothers, a digital printing company based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with John Edwards

Jeremy Eckhous

Jeremy Eckhous is the school director with the New Century Career Center, a low-profit venture focused on retraining Metro Detroit's workforce for green jobs.

Questions with Jeremy Eckhous

James Smith Moore

James Smith Moore is the founder of Jimmy Kicks, a custom show company based in TechTown.

Questions with James Smith Moore

Jimmy Kicks

Justin Draplin

Justin Draplin is the managing partner of PowerCapes, a small business that makes super hero capes for kids and adults.

Questions with Justin Draplin


Mike Klein

Mike Klein is the co-owner of Online Tech, a data center hosting firm based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Mike Klein

Online Tech

David London

David London is the co-founder of Parliament Studios, a film production studio based in Clawson.

Questions with David London

Michael St. John

Michael St. John is the vice president of marketing & sales for Expetec Technology Services, an IT firm based in Rochester Hills.

Questions with Michael St. John

Chris Wybo

Chris Wybo is the COO and vice president of R&D for Innovative Surgical Solutions, a medical device start-up based in Southfield.

Questions with Chris Wybo

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