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Paul Angott

Paul Angott is the founder and CEO of Angott Medical Products, a Royal Oak-based firm that is developing a new breast cancer screener.

Questions with Paul Angott

Noam Kimelman

Noam Kimelman is the CEO & co-founder of Get Fresh Detroit, a company that helps bring fresh fruits and vegetables to inner-city bodegas.

Questions with Noam Kimelman

Get Fresh Detroit

University of Michigan

Adrian Fortino

Adrian Fortino is the CEO of Shepherd Intelligent Systems, a University of Michigan spinoff that creates mass transit software for riders in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Adrian Fortino

Garth Schultz

Garth Schultz is the co-founder of Power Panel, a TechTown-based startup that is combining solar panel technology that heats water and generates electricity.

Questions with Garth Schultz

Power Panel

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman is the co-founder of Fanaroo, a Beverly Hills-based startup that can put your face into any sporting venue in the U.S.

Questions with Steve Chapman


Patti Judson

Patti Judson is a senior vice president at Bank of Ann Arbor, one of the leading banks that offer financing to new economy startups in North America.

Questions with Patti Judson

Jeffery Prough

Jeffery Prough is the CEO of Critical Signal Technologies, a Troy-based firm that allows elderly people to live from home longer.

Questions with Jeffery Prough

Dave Morin

Dave Morin is the CEO with Cielo MedSolutions, a healthcare-based software firm spun out of the University of Michigan.

Questions with Dave Morin

Mike Sappington

Mike Sappington is the CEO of gloStream, a software company that specializes in electronic medical records.

Questions with Mike Sappington


James Kuo

James Kuo is the CEO of Adeona Pharmaceuticals, an Ann Arbor-based pharmaceutical company.

Questions with James Kuo

Tom Sesti

Tom Sesti is the president of Bandals, a footwear accessory startup based out of Rochester.

Questions with Tom Sesti


Charlie Rothstein

Charlie Rothstein is the senior managing director and co-founder of Beringea, Michigan's largest venture capital firm.

Questions with Charlie Rothstein


Rich Swortzel

Rich Swortzel is the co-founder of New Eagle, a Ypsilanti-based startup that focuses on new automotive technology.

Questions with Rich Swortzel

New Eagle

Lisa Kurek

Lisa Kurek is the managing partner of Ann Arbor-based Biotechnology Business Consultants, a company that makes life science-based firms grow.

Questions with Lisa Kurek

Jeff Barry

Jeff Barry is a partner with Plymouth Management Company, a venture capital firm based out of downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Jeff Barry

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