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Rufus Bartell

Rufus Bartell is the founder & CEO of R.B.I Group, a marketing firm based in Detroit's University District. He also owns Simply Casual clothing store.

Questions with Rufus Bartell

R.B.I. Group

Felice de Jong

Felice de Jong is the co-founder of NextGen metabolomics, a life sciences start-up spun out of the University of Michigan.

Questions with Felice de Jong

Brent Yax

Brent Yax is the president & CEO of Awecomm Technologies, a high-tech firm based in Troy.

Questions with Brent Yax

Cheryl Strait

Cheryl Strait is the co-founder of Strait & Associates, a consulting firm based in Bloomfield Hills.

Questions with Cheryl Strait

Dan Glisky, Jr.

Dan Glisky, Jr. is the CEO of Digital 10 Media, a media company based in Novi.

Questions with Dan Glisky, Jr.

Lisa Zahodne

Lisa Zahodne is the president of Specs Howard School of Media Arts, a broadcasting and new media school based in Southfield and Farmington Hills.

Questions with Lisa Zahodne

Sajay Rai

Sajay Rai is the founder of Securely Yours, a IT security firm in Bloomfield Hills.

Questions with Sajay Rai

Securely Yours

Lorne Zalesin

Lorne Zalesin is the CEO of MyInsuranceExpert.com, a life-insurance company based in Troy.

Questions with Lorne Zalesin

James Marks

James Marks is the founder of VGKids, a creatively inclined boutique firm based in Ypsilanti.

Questions with James Marks


Graham Brown

Graham Brown is the co-founder of the SmartEnergy Fund, a sustainability consulting firm based in Ypsilanti's Depot Town.

Questions with Graham Brown

Larry Freed

Larry Freed is the founder of ForeSee Results, an Internet survey company based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Larry Freed

ForeSee Results

Rajesh Nerlikar

Rajesh Nerlikar is the co-founder & CEO of TerraPerks, an Ann Arbor-based start-up working to make sustainable habits cool.

Questions with Rajesh Nerlikar


Matt Shumate

Matt Shumate is the CEO of Estrakon, a LED sign maker based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Matt Shumate


Vaughan Taylor

Vaughan Taylor is the CEO & co-founder of Splink Media, an independent recording artist-based website headquartered in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Vaughan Taylor

Splink Media

Mark Powers

Mark Powers is the president & CEO of 118id, a Internet firm based in Troy.

Questions with Mark Powers


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