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Chris George

Chris George is the vice president of Hard Luck Candy, a craft distillery based St. Clair Shores.

Questions with Chris George

Hard Luck Candy

Dan Caton

Dan Caton is the president of Arbor Plastic Technologies, a plastic additive start-up based in Sterling Heights.

Questions with Dan Caton

Rangarajan Tirumala

Rangarajan Tirumala is the founder of Rolling Edge, a business consultancy based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Rangarajan Tirumala

Rolling Edge

Michael Falk

Michael Falk is the managing partner of BidDogz, a penny-auction website based in Pontiac.

Questions with Michael Falk


Rukmal "Rocky" Fernando

Rukmal "Rocky" Fernando is the president of Breeze Design Studio, a software development firm based in Birmingham.

Questions with Rukmal "Rocky" Fernando

Sunil Agrawal

Sunil Agrawal is the president of NOVA Consultants, an alternative energy engineering firm based in Novi.

Questions with Sunil Agrawal


Tiffany Huang

Tiffany Huang is the queen of operations for SPECIALIZEDESIGNS, an Ann Arbor-based start-up that makes toys for both blind and sighted children.

Questions with Tiffany Huang

Tom Rieke

Tom Rieke is the president of Q LTD, a design firm based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Tom Rieke


David King

David King is the president of Red Level Networks, an IT firm based in Novi.

Questions with David King

Reid Tatoris

Reid Tatoris is the co-founder of Are You a Human, a software start-up based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Reid Tatoris

Are You a Human

Brian West

Brian West is the CEO with Concept Factory, a touch-screen technology company based in the Elevator Building in Detroit.

Questions with Brian West

Concept Factory

Ramita Chawla

Ramita Chawla is one of the co-founders of Bite to Meet, a networking start-up based in Metro Detroit.

Questions with Ramita Chawla

Bite to Meet

Brian Eisenberg

Brian Eisenberg is the co-founder of FamilySignal, a software firm based in Troy.

Questions with Brian Eisenberg


Alan Barnosky

Alan Barnosky is a team member at Tree Fort Bikes, a custom bicycle shop and Internet retailer based in Ypsilanti.

Questions with Alan Barnosky

Tree Fort Bikes

Amer Anand

Amar Anand is the co-founder of Dodact, a start-up run by University of Michigan students.

Questions with Amer Anand


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