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Rangarajan Tirumala

Rangarajan Tirumala is the founder of Rolling Edge, a business consultancy based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Rangarajan Tirumala

Rolling Edge

Ramita Chawla

Ramita Chawla is one of the co-founders of Bite to Meet, a networking start-up based in Metro Detroit.

Questions with Ramita Chawla

Bite to Meet

Don Hicks

Don Hicks is the CEO of LLamasoft, a logistics company based in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Don Hicks


Michael Zwick

Michael Zwick is the president of Assets International, an asset recovery company based in Southfield.

Questions with Michael Zwick

Don Tanner & Matt Friedman

Don Tanner and Matt Friedman are the co-founders of Tanner Friedman, a public relations and marketing firm based in Farmington Hills.

Questions with Don Tanner & Matt Friedman

Tanner Friedman

John Carter

John Carter is the founder and principal of Carter & Affiliates, a law firm that specializes in entrepreneurial legal services.

Questions with John Carter

Douglas Finton

Douglas Finton is the managing director of Vital Skills International, a business training company based in Rochester Hills.

Questions with Douglas Finton

John Mills

John Mills is the founder of SimuQuest, a mathematical model company based in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with John Mills


Hortensia Albertini

Hortensia Albertini is the president of Global LT, a multi-cultural training firm based in Troy.

Questions with Hortensia Albertini

Global LT

Cheryl Strait

Cheryl Strait is the co-founder of Strait & Associates, a consulting firm based in Bloomfield Hills.

Questions with Cheryl Strait

Eric Bradley

Eric Bradley is the president & CEO of Huron Valley Financial, a mortgage company based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Eric Bradley

John Stout

John Stout is the president & CEO of Stout Systems, a technology staffing company based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with John Stout

Stout Systems

Cindy Pasky

Cindy Pasky is the CEO of Strategic Staffing Solutions, an IT firm based in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Cindy Pasky

Jeremy Eckhous

Jeremy Eckhous is the school director with the New Century Career Center, a low-profit venture focused on retraining Metro Detroit's workforce for green jobs.

Questions with Jeremy Eckhous

Rom LaPointe

Rom LaPointe is the president of i3Logic, a technology consulting firm based in downtown Pontiac.

Questions with Rom LaPointe


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