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Founders : Higher Education

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Veronika Scott

Veronika Scott is the founder of The Empowerment Plan, a clothing start-up based in Detroit.

Questions with Veronika Scott

Jim Adox

Jim Adox is the co-founder of Venture Investors, a venture capital firm with an office in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Jim Adox

Jonathan Opdyke

Jonathan Opdyke is one of the co-founders of HookLogic, a software firm with a large office in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Jonathan Opdyke


Joseph Artiss

Joseph Artiss is a co-founder of ArtJen Complexus USA, a TechTown-based start-up.

Questions with Joseph Artiss

Rob Malan

Rob Malan is the CTO of Arbor Networks, an IT security start-up that was founded in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Rob Malan

Arbor Networks

Moose Scheib

Moose Scheib is the founder of LoanMod.com, a mortgage modification firm based in Dearborn.

Questions with Moose Scheib


David Bloom

David Bloom is the vice president of products with Hygieia, a medical device start-up based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with David Bloom


Trevor Fitzgerald

Trevor Fitzgerald is the founder of Ignite Pages, an Internet start-up based in downtown Royal Oak.

Questions with Trevor Fitzgerald

Ignite Pages

Gus Simiao

Gus Simiao is the co-founder of Vortex Hydro Energy, an alternative energy start-up based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Gus Simiao

Jason Aubrey

Jason Aubrey is the director of sales & marketing for LectureTools, a software firm based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Jason Aubrey


Robert Brender

Robert Brender is the president of ComSpec International, a tech firm based in Bingham Farms.

Questions with Robert Brender

Caroline Wojan

Caroline Wojan is the director of Language Link, a language services firm based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Caroline Wojan

Language Link

Raili Kerppola

Raili Kerppola is the co-founder of ONL Therapeutics, a University of Michigan spin-out based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Raili Kerppola

Don Hogan

Don Hogan is the CEO of KnowledgeWatch, a Internet news gathering company based in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Don Hogan


Hunt Briggs

Hunt Briggs is the co-founder of ReGenerate, a clean-tech start-up based in Ann Arbor's TechArb.

Questions with Hunt Briggs


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