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Founders : Health Care

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Dave Morin

Dave Morin is the CEO with Cielo MedSolutions, a healthcare-based software firm spun out of the University of Michigan.

Questions with Dave Morin

Mike Sappington

Mike Sappington is the CEO of gloStream, a software company that specializes in electronic medical records.

Questions with Mike Sappington


John Kello

John Kello is the CEO of MatchRX, a startup that has created an eBay-like system where pharmacists can sell overstocked drugs to each other.

Questions with John Kello


James Kuo

James Kuo is the CEO of Adeona Pharmaceuticals, an Ann Arbor-based pharmaceutical company.

Questions with James Kuo

Jan Sherman

Jan Sherman is the founder of The Benefits Edge, a company that helps people figure out their health benefits.

Questions with Jan Sherman

Mark Ostach

Mark Ostach is the founder of mymentalspace, a TechTown-based software firm that focuses on preventing techno-brain burnout.

Questions with Mark Ostach


Elke Lipka

Elke Lipta is the vice president of business development for TSRL, a drug development company that spun out of the University of Michigan.

Questions with Elke Lipka


Jon Baugh

Jon Baugh is the CEO and founder of Dermanaut, a Detroit-based startup that creates a web-based medical records system.

Questions with Jon Baugh


Lisa Kurek

Lisa Kurek is the managing partner of Ann Arbor-based Biotechnology Business Consultants, a company that makes life science-based firms grow.

Questions with Lisa Kurek

Douglas B Sewell

Douglas B Sewell is the president and CEO of Painexx, a Detroit-based business that has been in his family for 60 years.

Questions with Douglas B Sewell


Marla Shapiro and Carra Stoller

Marla Shapiro and Carra Stoller opened Ecology in downtown Birmingham to provide a natural and sustainable option in the cosmetic, skin-care world.

Questions with Marla Shapiro and Carra Stoller


Sassa Akervall

Sassa Akervall is the COO of Akervall Technologies, an Ann Arbor-based company that makes mouth guards that she co-founded with her husband.

Questions with Sassa Akervall

William F. Brinkerhoff

William F. Brinkerhoff is COO of Cerenis Therapeutics, an Ann Arbor bio-tech company attracting millions of dollars in venture capital.

Questions with William F. Brinkerhoff

David Olson

David Olson is president and CEO of Swift Biosciences, a start-up is developing molecular biology reagents for research and diagnostic applications.

Questions with David Olson

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