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Founders : Emerging Technology

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Barry & Meredith Fleischer

Barry and Meredith Fleischer are the father-daughter team behind Plutonium Paint, a company based in Southfield.

Questions with Barry & Meredith Fleischer

Plutonium Paint

Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers is the CEO of Core3 Solutions, an IT firm based in Troy.

Questions with Paul Chambers

Core3 Solutions

Mike Burns

Mike Burns is the inventor & CEO of HandeHolder, a tablet computer accessory company based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Mike Burns


Ari Doglin

Ari Doglin is the chief marketing officer of Gamer Saloon, a online gaming startup based in downtown Royal Oak.

Questions with Ari Doglin

Andrew & Ryan Landau

Andrew and Ryan Landau are the co-founders of PowerVoice, a social media startup based in downtown Birmingham.

Questions with Andrew & Ryan Landau


Nader Najafi

Nader Najafi is the president & CEO of Integrated Sensing Systems (ISSYS), a bio-tech firm based in Ypsilanti.

Questions with Nader Najafi

Matt Wise

Matt Wise is the CEO of ePrize, an Internet marketing firm based in Pleasant Ridge.

Questions with Matt Wise


Richard Beedon

Richard Beedon is the founder of Amplifinity, a software startup based in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Richard Beedon


Michael Mikhjian

Michael Mikhjian is the developer and co-founder of My eStore App, an Internet firm based in Troy.

Questions with Michael Mikhjian

My eStore App

Sean Simpson

Sean Simpson is one of the co-founders of AutoBike, a bicycle start-up based in Troy.

Questions with Sean Simpson


Sam Abu-Hamdan

Sam Abu-Hamdan is the founder of Alcove9, a software start-up based in Oxford.

Questions with Sam Abu-Hamdan

David Segura

David Segura is the founder of VisionIT, an IT firm based in Detroit's New Center neighborhood.

Questions with David Segura


Chris Kurecka

Chris Kurecka is the manager of the Michigan office of Cataphora, a software firm headquartered in California.

Questions with Chris Kurecka

Kalyan Handique

Kalyan Handique is the CEO of DeNovo Sciences, a life sciences start-up based in Plymouth.

Questions with Kalyan Handique

Ben Kazez

Ben Kazez is the founder of Mobiata, a mobile-app start-up based in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Ben Kazez


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