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Adam Carver

Adam Carver is the founder of Impact Everyday, an Ann Arbor-based start-up based around funding renewable energy projects with credit card points.

Questions with Adam Carver

Impact Everyday

Eric Sieczka

Eric Sieczka is the president & CEO of Epsilon Imaging, a cardiac ultrasound company based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Eric Sieczka

Epsilon Imaging

Rajesh Nerlikar

Rajesh Nerlikar is the co-founder & CEO of TerraPerks, an Ann Arbor-based start-up working to make sustainable habits cool.

Questions with Rajesh Nerlikar


Ron Hesse

Ron Hesse is the president & CEO of GlobalAutoIndustry.com, a news and event resource for international business expertise.

Questions with Ron Hesse

Elizabeth Redmond

Elizabeth Redmond is the founder of POWERleap, an alternative energy start-up based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Elizabeth Redmond


Howard Brown

Howard Brown is the founder & CEO of CircleBuilder, a Franklin-based start-up that provides online resources to religious organizations.

Questions with Howard Brown


Chris Ramos

Chris Ramos is the owner of The Night Move, a sustainability oriented shuttle service that connects the downtowns of Royal Oak, Ferndale and Detroit.

Questions with Chris Ramos

The Night Move

Roger Rush

Roger Rush is the founder & president of Network Source One, an IT firm based in Wixom.

Questions with Roger Rush

James Smith Moore

James Smith Moore is the founder of Jimmy Kicks, a custom show company based in TechTown.

Questions with James Smith Moore

Jimmy Kicks

Mike Klein

Mike Klein is the co-owner of Online Tech, a data center hosting firm based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Mike Klein

Online Tech

Ben Rye

Ben Rye is the managing partner of Greenfield Partners, an investment company that is based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Ben Rye

Erick Bzovi

Erick Bzovi is the co-founder of HealPay, an Ann Arbor-based mobile app company that specializes in debt collection.

Questions with Erick Bzovi


Tom Carmichael

Tom Carmichael is the CEO of Eco Products, a Royal Oak-based solar firm.

Questions with Tom Carmichael

Eco Products

Wan-Thai Hsu

Wan-Thai Hsu is the CTO for Discera, a University of Michigan spin-out that specializes in semi-conductor technology.

Questions with Wan-Thai Hsu


Bob Masterson

Bob Masterson is the co-founder of FamilyMint, an Ann Arbor-based start-up that focuses on financial education software for children.

Questions with Bob Masterson


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