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Nathaniel "Than" McClure

Nathaniel "Than" McClure is the CEO of Scientifically Proven Entertainment, a video game start-up based in Farmington Hills.

Questions with Nathaniel "Than" McClure

Rebecca Gill

Rebecca Gill is the founder of Web Savvy Marketing, an Internet marketing firm based in Commerce Township.

Questions with Rebecca Gill

Rena Basch

Rena Basch is the founder of Locavorious, a local-food start-up based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Rena Basch


Sarah F. Cox

Sarah F. Cox manages Curbed Detroit, a Hamtramck-based blog about real-estate development focused on Detroit.

Questions with Sarah F. Cox

Curbed Detroit

David Bloom

David Bloom is the vice president of products with Hygieia, a medical device start-up based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with David Bloom


Trevor Fitzgerald

Trevor Fitzgerald is the founder of Ignite Pages, an Internet start-up based in downtown Royal Oak.

Questions with Trevor Fitzgerald

Ignite Pages

Jerry and Becky Eizen

Eizen, 45, raised in New Orleans but long-since settled in Metro Detroit with husband Jerry and their three boys, endured a frantic three-day search, post-storm, to locate her mother, Yetta. When Eizen and her mom finally connected, Eizen also learned the family home had been destroyed; she cajoled Yetta to move north and live with her and her family.

Questions with Jerry and Becky Eizen

Eran Bashan

Where do great ideas come from? For Eran Bashan, a casual conversation over Shabbat dinner four years ago evolved into both a new invention and a company to market it.

Because the Ann Arbor resident is known for his love of riddles and problems, that evening his friend, endocrinologist Israel Hodish, gave him a doozey to solve: Seek out a better way for diabetic patients to self-test their blood sugar and adjust their insulin levels.

Questions with Eran Bashan


Eddie Saleh

A friendly atmosphere and a professional staff service are some of the reasons Buenavida Pharmacy is recognized by the Detroit community, and founder Eddie Saleh is still happy with his choice to open his business in the heart of Mexicantown.

Questions with Eddie Saleh

Bill Greenway

Bill Greenway is the CEO of Delphinus Medical Technologies, a medical device start-up based in Plymouth.

Questions with Bill Greenway

David Hofer

David Hofer is the president of International Bancard, a financial transaction tech firm based in Clawson.

Questions with David Hofer

Donny Minchillo Jr.

Donny Minchillo Jr. is the co-founder with Dishkin, a tech firm based in Troy.

Questions with Donny Minchillo Jr.


Dr. Bobby Peddi

Dr. Bobby Peddi is the CEO of Saagara, an Internet meditation firm based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Dr. Bobby Peddi


Todd Riddley

Todd Riddley is the founder of Left Bank Creative, an Internet marketing firm based in Detroit.

Questions with Todd Riddley

Glenn Oliver

Glenn Oliver is the founder of H2bid.com, an Internet company based in Detroit.

Questions with Glenn Oliver


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