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Jonathan Opdyke

Jonathan Opdyke is one of the co-founders of HookLogic, a software firm with a large office in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Jonathan Opdyke


Joseph Artiss

Joseph Artiss is a co-founder of ArtJen Complexus USA, a TechTown-based start-up.

Questions with Joseph Artiss

Josh Linkner

Josh Linkner is the CEO of Detroit Venture Partners, a venture capital firm based in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Josh Linkner

Rob Malan

Rob Malan is the CTO of Arbor Networks, an IT security start-up that was founded in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Rob Malan

Arbor Networks

Zachary Ball

Zachary Ball is the founder of Gravy Network, a software start-up based in Pleasant Ridge.

Questions with Zachary Ball

Gravy Network

Moose Scheib

Moose Scheib is the founder of LoanMod.com, a mortgage modification firm based in Dearborn.

Questions with Moose Scheib


Kevin Harman

Kevin Harman is the founder of Brand Labs, an Internet marketing start-up based in Rochester.

Questions with Kevin Harman

Brand Labs

Jason Huvaere

Jason Huvaere is the founder of Paxahau, a Ferndale-based electronic music start-up.

Questions with Jason Huvaere


Harley Lippman

Harley Lippman is the CEO of Genesis10, a IT firm with an office in Troy.

Questions with Harley Lippman


Jason Raznick

Jason Raznick is the CEO of Benzinga, a financial news start-up based in Southfield.

Questions with Jason Raznick


Kwang Lim

Kwang Lim owns E Mart, one of the largest supermarkets owned by an Asian-American in Michigan.

Questions with Kwang Lim

E Mart

Brian Yessian

Brian Yessian is the CCO of Yessian Music, a music firm based in Farmington Hills.

Questions with Brian Yessian

Yessian Music

Dale Royal

Dale Royal is the CEO of Unitask Software, a software firm based in Bloomfield Hills.

Questions with Dale Royal

Jerry Paffendorf

Jerry Paffendorf is the founder of LOVELAND Technologies, a software start-up based in Detroit.

Questions with Jerry Paffendorf

Mark Shalinsky

Mark Shalinsky is the founder of Kick Start Sales, a start-up sales firm based in Ann Arbor's Tech Brewery.

Questions with Mark Shalinsky

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