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Willie Donwell II

Willie Donwell II is the co-founder of WillDo Designs, a graphic design firm based in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Willie Donwell II

WillDo Designs

Veronika Scott

Veronika Scott is the founder of The Empowerment Plan, a clothing start-up based in Detroit.

Questions with Veronika Scott

Tom Gross

Tom Gross is the CEO of Fusion Coolant Systems, a green-tech start-up based in Ypsilanti.

Questions with Tom Gross

Jim Adox

Jim Adox is the co-founder of Venture Investors, a venture capital firm with an office in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Jim Adox

Bradley Foltyn

Bradley Foltyn is co-owner with his father, Paul, of The Fabric Warehouse, and is the third generation to work in the family’s wholesale textile business selling yards of gingham, damask and other fabrics to designers and retailers.

Questions with Bradley Foltyn

Marcy Forta

Marcy Forta, owner of The Room Downstairs, caters to a relatively small market of Orthodox Jewish women.

Questions with Marcy Forta

Yoshihisa Kobayash

Yoshihisa Kobayash is owner of Koby ACT Academy, a two campus center offering various courses in test preparation, ESL programs, and K-12 subject training.

Questions with Yoshihisa Kobayash

Phil Jones

Phil Jones is the general manager of Colors Restaurant, a workforce training eatery in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Phil Jones

Jeremy and Aubrey Lopatin

Ann Arbor natives Jeremy and Aubrey Lopatin own the Ann Arbor Tea Room.

Questions with Jeremy and Aubrey Lopatin

Arbor Tea Co.

Adam Kaplan

Companies seeking techies call on IT recruiters. Top brass-seekers look to executive headhunters. And now, firms casting their nets for disabled candidates call Big Tent Jobs, LLC, a Southfield-based placement firm for what founder Adam Kaplan dubs “specially abled” employees.

Questions with Adam Kaplan

Big Tent Jobs

Bruce McCully

Bruce McCully is the CEO of Dynamic Edge, a software firm based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Bruce McCully

Dynamic Edge

David Leider

David Leider is the CEO of Gas Station TV, a venture-backed start-up based in downtown Birmingham.

Questions with David Leider

Gas Station TV

Greg Basso

Greg Basso is the CEO Basso Design Group, a Troy-based creative firm.

Questions with Greg Basso

Guy Scavone

Guy Scavone is the president & founder of a SmallOfficeSearch.com, an Internet start-up based in downtown Royal Oak.

Questions with Guy Scavone

James Norman

James Norman is the founder of Ubi Video, an Internet start-up based in Detroit.

Questions with James Norman

Ubi Video

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