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Founders : Emerging Technology

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Noah Kaplan

Noah Kaplan is the founder of Leon Speakers, a cutting-edge, custom-maker of high-end sound systems based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Noah Kaplan

Leon Speakers

Ingo Schneider

Ingo Schneider is the president & CEO of LED Optical Solutions, a Macomb County-based startup that is creating new energy-efficient LED light technology.

Questions with Ingo Schneider

Hermine Turner

Hermine Turner is the co-founder of The Answer People, an IT firm based virtually throughout Detroit.

Questions with Hermine Turner

Aaron Howard

Aaron Howard is the founder of AccuTech International, a technology firm based in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Aaron Howard

Jennifer Baird

Jennifer Baird is the CEO of Accio Energy, a startup that is reinventing the wind turbine in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Jennifer Baird

Accio Energy

Dave Morin

Dave Morin is the CEO with Cielo MedSolutions, a healthcare-based software firm spun out of the University of Michigan.

Questions with Dave Morin

Mike Sappington

Mike Sappington is the CEO of gloStream, a software company that specializes in electronic medical records.

Questions with Mike Sappington


Milton Roye

Milton Roye is the president of ENRG Power Systems, a Bloomfield Hills-based business creating fuel-efficient technology for automotive engines.

Questions with Milton Roye

John Kello

John Kello is the CEO of MatchRX, a startup that has created an eBay-like system where pharmacists can sell overstocked drugs to each other.

Questions with John Kello


James Kuo

James Kuo is the CEO of Adeona Pharmaceuticals, an Ann Arbor-based pharmaceutical company.

Questions with James Kuo

Krishna Kallakuri

Krishna Kallakuri is the vice president of Tera Networks, a tech firm based in Northville.

Questions with Krishna Kallakuri

Tera Networks

Peter Marsack

Peter Marsack is the vice president of Vision Computer Solutions, a tech firm based in downtown Northville.

Questions with Peter Marsack

Rich Swortzel

Rich Swortzel is the co-founder of New Eagle, a Ypsilanti-based startup that focuses on new automotive technology.

Questions with Rich Swortzel

New Eagle

Yuval Moed

Yuval Moed is the CEO of HBRLabs, a company with offices in Farmington Hills and Isreal.

Questions with Yuval Moed


Pradip Sengupta

Pradip Sengupta is founder of IPS Technology Services, an IT firm based in Troy.

Questions with Pradip Sengupta

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