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Law Practice helps Latino clients

The son of a Colombian father and an Irish-American mother, Lorenzo moved to Michigan 20 years ago to attend classes at the University of Michigan Law School, one of the best in the United States.  During his many years as a lawyer, he has served as the president of the Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan, and he is currently the Chairman of Michigan’s Hispanic/Latino Commission – a council created by the Governor to advise State Government about the conditions and concerns of Latinos in Michigan.

Lorenzo finds it challenging to work for different clients in different areas of the law.  Civil rights, workers’ rights, criminal defense and personal injury are just a few of the areas in which Lorenzo tries to serve Latinos in southeast Michigan. Turfe & Garcia, PLLC are committed to a diverse work force to serve the needs of their diverse clients and communities.

“I started my career in the law, because I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to be able to help people solve problems that they could not take care of on their own,”  says García.  His law firm – Turfe & García, PLLC – is a private practice in Dearborn Heights that has as many individual clients as it has corporate customers. 

García explains, “Some people say that life is easier if you work for a big, corporate law firm.  But, I enjoy my practice in the community.  As my father always used to say, “Más allá de la aventura!”

The Latino Press sat down with García to discuss his law practice, running a business in Michigan, and the importance of community.

Lorenzo, who was your first employee and how you find him/her?                                                           
The first employee was Johnny Hamood; he was a law clerk who became a lawyer.  We found him through friends and through the process of his internship as a student.

How many employees does your firm has today?          
We have six employees.

How many of them have been promoted?      

Where have you turned to find capital to grow your company and which institutions have provided it?
We have not been able to get a bank loan, but we have done very well on the capital that we raised ourselves.

What is the impact that your business has made in your community?
Our business has provided legal representation to people who might not have been represented otherwise.

About Michigan... if you could change one thing about this region, what would it be?                                                    
I would like to see Michigan collectively decide to use the surplus manpower and talent from the auto industry to become the new center for design and manufacture of green technology – like solar panels, wind turbines, batteries and more energy efficiency in existing products.

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