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Ronda Bergman and Cheryl Orosz of Girl Develop It

How Girl Develop IT supports women in tech (and those who want to be)

While more and more young women are entering high tech fields like IT and software development, things are long way off from professional parity. Girl Develop IT and organizations like it are trying to change that dynamic through support, mentorship and networking.

Annalisa Esposito Bluhm with a Cadillac ELR Engineering Mule for Maven car sharing technology

The future of car technology isn't in Detroit or Silicon Valley. It's in Ann Arbor.

Detroit may be the Motor City, but Ann Arbor is becoming ground zero for the industry-disrupting wireless and autonomous innovations that will usher in the next generation of automobiles.

Jon Oberheide and Dug Song of Duo Security

Bigger partners, bigger risks: The cybersecurity challenges of scaling a startup

Expanding to work with larger partners or clients is exciting for any small business. But it also brings with it some significant new risks in terms of cybersecurity.

Ypsilanti Transit Center

3 things that could transform metro Detroit in 2016

The Regional Transit Authority millage, partnerships between Silicon Valley and Detroit, and sprawl are a few things we'll be keeping a close eye on this year.

Alex Linebrink, founder of Passage

How metro Detroit small businesses can avoid the risks of mobile payment

Convenient and easy-to-use mobile payment technologies are increasing in popularity among metro Detroit's small businesses, but they can pose security risks. Here are a few tips on how small businesses can ensure the security of their customers' and their own financial information.

Tonia Cronin

Michigan Cyber Range: Saving the virtual world

Welcome to Alphaville, a virtual reality cyber defense training ground! It's part of the Michigan Cyber Range, a cutting edge program where expert volunteers band together to fight cyberattacks.

Parjana's Greg McPartlin and Andrew Niemczyk

Detroit company poised to revolutionize how cities manage stormwater

Parjana's Energy Passive Groundwater Recharge Product has the potential to revolutionize the way cities manage stormwater by increasing the efficacy of green infrastructure and alleviating burdens placed on aging sewer systems.

McClure's Pickles

Welcome to the Year of the Gazelle, a series looking at metro Detroit's fastest growing companies

Over the next year, we will identify the fastest-growing local companies and tell you the behind-the-scenes stories of the entrepreneurs, investors, and the resources that are building Michigan's new economy.

Sassa Akervall in her office

The 21st century body is being built in Washtenaw County

With advances in the medical device industry, Ann Arbor is proving to be more than just a place for entrepreneurial innovation and growth, it's producing startups that are helping to shape the future of the human body. 

Molly Leonard at SPARK East

Changing careers in the startup lane

In today's economy, finding a job is challenge enough. Now try finding one at age 45. Or 55. And in a different field. Where do you start? How do you present decades of work experience to an industry unfamiliar with your skill set? Shifting Gears is a career-transition program for mid-to-late-career professionals looking for a second act.

Nathan Hukill at Bitter Old Fecker's brewery

Cool Jobs: Nathan Hukill, micro-microbrewer

Good things come in small packages. Or, in this case, batches. Meet Nathan Hukill, who has turned a part-time hobby into a full-time gig, making limited barrel runs under his microbrew moniker, Bitter Old Fecker Rustic Ales.


Maker Faire at five: The community it's forged and the future it needs

This weekend marks the fifth summer The Henry Ford has produced Maker Faire, showcasing local inventors, innovators, artists and creatives to tens of thousands of metro Detroiters. Metromode chats with a trio of makers who've been involved since the beginning about why the fair is important to them and what it needs to continue.

Zach Steindler

Olark, Breaking the Silicon Valley Mold

Olark is a Silicon Valley-style startup that didn't raise venture capital, isn't run by Stanford and MIT grads, calls Ann Arbor its home and has employees scattered across the country... heck, the globe. And yet it's grown exponentially over the last three years. How does it do it? Funny you should ask...

Oakland Schools Team

OpEd: Why Oakland Schools Technical Campuses has a Working Relationship With Business

As Michigan reinvents its economy, educational institutions are getting in synch with employers' changing needs. Leaders from the Oakland Schools Technical Campuses discuss the importance of retooling to supply the state's emerging high-tech industries with new talent. 

Andrew Palms on U of M North Campus

Where Did the Fiber Fever Go? The Case for Ultra High Speed Internet

Three years ago Ann Arbor was gung-ho about being the opportunity to become one of Google's fiber-to-premises communities. Now we're not even on the list of 34 potential sites. What happened since and why is ultra high speed internet important for a community like ours? Concentrate's Natalie Burg digs in.
93 Articles | Page: | Show All
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