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Eli Cooper

Rail on the brink: Washtenaw County's imminent next generation of rail projects

Could we finally be getting reliable and regular commuter rail service between Ann Arbor and Detroit? This November's election could make 21st-century rail travel a real possibility for locals.

Walter Landberg

Private school, public issues: A conversation with Walter Landberg

Common Core, economic disparity, access to learning, the future of the American education system has been debated at just about every level of society. Public schools are typically the focus. But what about private or independent schools? Where do they fit into the conversation? 


Landscapes of luxury: A guide to metro Detroit's public gardens

Metro Detroit is home to some spectacular formal gardens and greenspaces—all open to the public. Metromode writer and garden expert Brian Allnutt gives us the cook's tour.

Mary Aganowski has tended bar at the Two Way Inn since 1981

Detroit's veteran bartenders reflect on over 30 years behind the bar

Most seasoned bartenders will tell you that the more things change, the more they stay the same. But for these tenured tenders, the view from the bar illustrates the story of Detroit’s dynamic transformations.

Paxahau today (left to right): Sam Fotias, Jason Clark, Chuck Flask, and Jason Huvaere

Constant 'Movement': 10 years managing one of the world's largest electronic music festivals

In 2006, Detroit's renowned electronic music festival nearly disappeared for good. That is, until Paxahau took on the challenge of running it. 10 years later and the festival is as strong as ever.

Castle's cofounders renovating their house in Detroit

Tech startup finds creative solution to living and working in two different cities

Many startups find Silicon Valley oversaturated and are seeking opportunities in cities with nascent tech scenes. Castle, a property management tech company, is doing just that in Detroit.

Soulardarity's leadership team: Nikkia Jones and Jackson Koeppel

Community lighting group to potentially partner with Highland Park on ambitious project

When the gutting of Highland Park's lighting grid left residents in the dark four years ago, a grassroots group called Soulardarity sprang up to try to remedy the problem. Now, they're trying to forge an unprecedented partnership with Highland Park to light the entire city with solar power.

Sean Ammirati

'The Science of Growth': Venture capitalist's new book studies why some startups change the world

Want to know why some companies fail and others flourish? A venture capitalist and former entrepreneur from Pittsburgh has a new book for you, and he’ll appear in Detroit this Thursday, April 28, to discuss his recent work.

Paul Riser, director of technology-based entrepreneurship at TechTown

Innovation district has the potential to "supercharge" Detroit's economy

The Brookings Institute has identified areas that contain concentrations of universities, research institutions, and companies as "innovation districts," or places that "supercharge the economy." Many believe Midtown Detroit could be that kind of place -- a nexus of innovative thinking and commercial development for the entire region.

Carlson High School math teacher Rocco Giorgi

How to know if you should enroll your student in an online course

Many high school students can take classes at their convenience online. Does this blended coursework provide the best of both worlds, or create more challenges for students and teachers to overcome?

Lon and Diane Stratton of Stratton Camera

Local filmmakers weigh in on the demise of Michigan's film incentive program

Michigan's ambitious and controversial film incentive program is officially dead. So what does that mean for the future of local filmmakers? And what kind of legacy has it left behind?

Inaugural Cross Stitch Creative class

College for Creative Studies and Mars Agency collaborate on unique program for design students

The Cross Stitch Creative program gives College for Creative Studies design students first-hand experience in working for and learning from an industry-leading shopper marketing agency. But that's not the end of the story. 

Nancy Shore with some Zipcar's at the Library Lot

How Ann Arbor public transit fits into the new shared-mobility network

Uber, bikesharing and Zipcar are the newest pieces in our local transportation puzzle. So what does that mean for Ann Arbor's public transit system? Concentrate digs in.  

Dr. Tonya Matthews

Opinion: How to combat bias in STEM

Dr. Tonya Matthews, President and CEO of the Michigan Science Center, writes about what we can do to resist bias against girls in science education and hiring.

Motor City Guitar employee and musician Sean Lynch

This guitar store is a musician's Wonderland

Motor City Guitar in Waterford, home to one of the most robust guitar and effects pedals inventories in the Midwest, has a loyal customer base that's allowed it to thrive despite tumults in the music industry. 
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