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How Clawson is making a quiet comeback with food, retail, and a nod to history

Once-sleepy downtown Clawson is fast becoming Oakland County's next hot suburb. Metromode's Annamarie Sysling talks to city leaders to find out how they're making it happen.

Clinc founder Jason Mars

Look out, Siri: This Ann Arbor startup is revolutionizing artificial intelligence

We've all had those moments of frustration yelling at the finicky AI assistants on our phones. A forward-thinking group of Ann Arbor computer whizzes is out to change that.

Tom and Vicki Zilke of Zilke Vegetable Farm

Eastern Market's 10-year plan will shape our region's food economy

The ambitious plan will modernize the market by creating an enterprise zone for food processing and a new entity to act as broker between Southeast Michigan farmers and commercial consumers.

HopCat founder Mark Sellers

Founder Mark Sellers: HopCat is the "anti-chain chain"

HopCat's success stems from defying many traditional restaurant norms, says founder Mark Sellers.

Pashon Murray of Detroit Dirt

Through business stardom and personal struggles, Pashon Murray remains focused

National publicity for Detroit Dirt co-founder Pashon Murray has been great for her composting business, but it hasn't come without difficulties.

Flash Delivery

Founders of Detroit's Flash Delivery keep their plates full

When entrepreneurs recognize just how well their skills complement each other, there’s no limit to their potential for success. Into their third year together, Ericka Billingslea and Tatiana Grant are feeding Detroit by growing Flash Delivery at a steady pace. 

Carla Walker-Miller, president and CEO of Walker-Miller Energy Services

Success beyond startup: Walker-Miller invests in energy, diversity

By definition, startups have to start somewhere. But in order to really gain traction, small businesses must reach “second level” to create jobs and contribute to the economy on a bigger scale.

Bill Mayer at Ann Arbor SPARK

Closing Time: The art of shutting down your business

There is no shortage of advice when it comes to starting or growing a business. But when it comes to shutting down, suddenly mums the word. Yet, there are right and wrong ways. Concentrate talks to David Hile of Hile Creative, who closed up shop after 31 years.

Ronda Bergman and Cheryl Orosz of Girl Develop It

How Girl Develop IT supports women in tech (and those who want to be)

While more and more young women are entering high tech fields like IT and software development, things are long way off from professional parity. Girl Develop IT and organizations like it are trying to change that dynamic through support, mentorship and networking.

The Allmemdinger Building

From Allmendinger to Duo Security: Ann Arbor is defined by its brightest businesses

In the late 19th Century, Ann Arbor made its name with organs and pianos. Today, cyber security is part of its claim to fame. Though more than a century separates the Allmendinger Organ Company from Duo Security, the two companies have more in common than meets the eye.

Exterior of the Green Garage

Green Garage turns five: How a business incubator created a lasting model for sustainability

The small business incubator and coworking space in Midtown has proven that its triple bottom line approach is a successful model.

A.L. Holmes Elementary School students

Detroit Public Schools welcomes blended learning into the classroom

When blended learning—a mix of online instruction and live teachers—came to the classroom, some feared a battle of high tech versus high touch, a world of kids plugging into computers and the teacher rendered obsolete. But what has evolved at one Detroit school is a system of high tech and high touch.

Gathering at House Opera

Crowdfunding creatives: House Opera begins buildout after successful fundraising campaign

Crowdfunding certainly isn’t unique to Detroit, but it’s definitely useful in a city where banks can be reluctant to dole out loans. That's why countless business and nonprofits like the event space House Opera are turning to crowdfunding.
758 Articles | Page: | Show All
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