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41216 Vincenti Ct.
Novi, Michigan 48375

Shazaaam! Public Relations & Marketing Ingeniance


Adrienne Lenhoff

Adrienne Lenhoff is the president of Shazaaam PR & Marketing, a public relations firm based in Novi.

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Shazaaam! Public Relations & Marketing Ingeniance specializes in strengthening customer relationships and connecting new business opportunities through convergence marketing techniques. Their tools include word-of-mouth marketing, social media, events and creative thinking, and traditional advertising and public relations.

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Social Media Pioneer: Founder of Shazaaam began Internet outreach back in 1989

Billy Batson would have been proud of Adrienne Lenhoff.  He was the newsboy in an old-time comic book who, when trouble arose, would shout the name of the wizard “Shazam!” — and he would turn into superhero Captain Marvel, an invincible Superman-type character.  Lenhoff, a public relations, marketing and social media wizard, was so impressed with Captain Marvel that she named her company Shazaaam when she founded it 10 years ago. read on…
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