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13835 Nine Mile Road
Oak Park, Michigan 48237

Peteet's Famous Cheese Cakes


Patrick Peteet

Patrick Peteet is the co-founder of Peteet's Famous Cheese Cakes, a family owned cheesecake bakery based in Oak Park.

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Peteet's Famous Cheese Cakes produces gourmet cheesecakes, each made entirely from scratch, by hand, and from the very freshest, all natural, premium ingredients. The result is rich and creamy, flavorful, irresistible signature two layer cheesecakes.

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How Cheesecake Saved a Family's Future

Patrick Peteet knows a bit about reinvention. Just as his father left the line at Ford to start the family's real estate business, Patrick, after a series of tragic setbacks, convinced the family to leave real estate behind to become cheesecake entrepreneurs. The result is Peteet's Cheesecakes in Oak Park, where they sell 60-80 cakes a day... and have an eye on franchising. read on…
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