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Tom Sesti

Tom Sesti is the president of Bandals, a footwear accessory startup based out of Rochester.

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Bandals International is a manufacturer and marketer of a new concept for the footwear market that is stylish and comfortable. Bandals footwear has an interchangeable upper or band, allowing a single shoe base to be worn with any of a variety of uppers. This allows the consumer the ability to create their own personal footwear look which matches their character, their mood, their fashion, and their pocketbook. Unlike other attempts at interchangeability, Bandals offers real shoes with innovative and distinctive styling, high quality and great comfort while also offering the benefits of interchangeability. In addition, Bandals offers a level of comfort not found in any other interchangeable style of sandal.


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Winter's coming, but Bandals footwear has a new product to boot

Bandals is becoming more of a year-round enterprise these days, especially with the introduction of Boot Hugs.The Rochester-based maker of adjustable thong-style sandals, which were featured on The Today Show last July, traditionally had heavy sales in warm weather months and lulls the rest of the year. Boot Hugs, akin to a charm bracelet for boots, has helped increase sales year-round. "We're expecting to go from double-digit growth this year to triple-digit growth in 2011," says Tom Sesti, president of Bandals.The 3-year-old firm has also been experimenting with a home-distribution channel (think home sales) this year. It expects to roll out a bigger version of that next year. It's also looking to further spread into international markets, especially those in Europe and Asia.Bandals now employs seven plus a couple of summer interns. The firm hired two people earlier this year and expects to do the same in 2011.Source: Tom Sesti, president of BandalsWriter: Jon Zemke read on…
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