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Youtrivia brings do-it-yourself software to Youtube

Lots of people love playing casual video games, like Angry Birds or Tetris. Youtrivia, an Ann Arbor-based start-up, wants to bring the ability to create casual video games to consumers.

"We believe that casual games are a powerful way to communicate," says Shamik Ganguly, who co-founded Youtrivia with Ricardo Rodriguez. "Youtrivia brings that power to everybody."

The TechArb-based start-up's software is meant to help people build up brands through these casual games. The software allows used to create games using feature images, videos, and trivia related to your brand that can deliver deep marketing messages to consumers through an enjoyable experience.

The 8-month-old start-up and its team of six people is working to help create games for the University of Michigan and hopes to spread to other big brands. They hope to launch in two months and begin expanding their customer base to both big brands and small businesses.

"Hopefully there will be a lot of smaller companies that use our technology," Ganguly says.

Source: Shamik Ganguly, co-founder of Youtrivia
Writer: Jon Zemke
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