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Stratos launches all-in-one credit card for your wallet

Stratos is launching its all-in-one payment card this week, a product that aims to consolidate the contents of your wallet into one piece of durable, dynamic plastic.

"It's a next generation card that can hold all of the cards in your wallet," says Thiago Olson, CEO of Stratos.

The Stratos Bluetooth Connected Card consolidates an unlimited number of plastic cards into one and can work anywhere traditional credit cards are accepted. That means the Stratos Card can load credit, debit, loyalty, membership and gift cards into a familiar, universally accepted card that can instantly change into the card you need on demand.

The Stratos Card comes equipped with Bluetooth technology that consolidates your cards helps make sure the right one is ready to go when the user is ready to check out. Check out a video describing it here.

"If I simple double tap this card it will say, 'Based on your location you are near Macy's. Do you want to use your Macy’s card?'" Olson says.

Users can access the Stratos card on a subscription basis for $95 per year or $145 for two years. Customers can sign up now and expect the cards to be shipped in April. The cards are made of a durable plastic that comes with a scratch-proof coating.

"It's more resistant to wear and tear than an average credit card," Olson says.

Stratos launched a little more than two years ago in downtown Ann Arbor. It has grown into a new office space in Kerrytown, taking over the former home of Duo Security. It currently employs a staff of 50, including 25 people and a few interns in Ann Arbor. It has hired about 15 people over the last year and it looking to hire another 14. You can check out the open positions here.

Source: Thiago Olson, CEO of Stratos
Writer: Jon Zemke
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