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Bizdomís PaymentScholar hopes to simplify school bureaucracies

Dealing with school-related bureaucracy can be frustrating. Sometimes simple tasks like filling out permission slips at the school office or collecting money for extracurricular activities can be a challenge for parents, students, and school administrators alike. A new startup out of Bizdom is aiming to streamline that experience.

"I thought there was a great opportunity to come in and help schools with these issues," says Melanie de Vries, co-founder & CEO of PaymentScholar.

PaymentScholar specializes in digitizing forms, registrations, and payments for schools. It creates one platform to handle that small but important part of the education system so things don’t lost.

"This is a great time efficiency for them," de Vries says. "A lot of payments never make it to the bank. Checks get lost or they bounce."

PaymentScholar is currently working on a Beta version of its software with Pinckney Community Schools. It's looking to launch it publicly later this summer. In the mean time, the startup's team of four people is continuing to tweak the platform and raise seed capital at events like the most recent Great Lakes Angels meetup.

Source: Melanie de Vries, co-founder & CEO of PaymentScholar
Writer: Jon Zemke
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