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Nutriinfo wellness start-up lands new clients

Nutriinfo, a wellness start-up, has one big client in its bag and expects to land a couple more in 2012.

"This year will be a big year for us," says Mia Jang, founder and CEO of Nutriinfo. "It's been really tough but we're set to have a big year."

The Novi-based firm specializes in putting people onto the road to wellness with minimal sidetracks. Jang, who has a PhD in nutrition, was inspired to keep it simple after trying to navigate the websites of some of the famous weight-loss programs. She turned it into a simpler solution with a focus on companies and health insurers using it to get employees and patients on a path to healthy living.

"Research shows that when you gain one pound, it costs insurers $30. So 10 pounds equals $300, plus healthier employees are more productive."

Nutriinfo has built up its team to five people and the occasional summer intern since it was founded in 2007. Jang hopes to add another person or two to her team later this year.

Source: Mia Jang, founder and CEO of Nutriinfo
Writer: Jon Zemke
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