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Launch Learning turns insurance exam prep into new jobs

Roger Williams and Antonella Solomon have turned traditional careers in education and insurance into a growing startup based on insurance industry education called Launch Learning Group.

The Bizdom U graduates started the company a year go and have recently hired their first employee and brought on an intern. The TechTown-based firm plans to hire another two people this fall in the sales and training sectors.

Launch Learning Group developed a software program that helps train people to pass the insurance certification tests that allow people to become things like insurance agents. These tests have traditionally had a high failure rate that often stretches into the 50 percentile or beyond. Launch Learning Group's software increases the passing rate to 80 percent.

"We can tell them they need to focus on this subject or that subject before they take the exam," says Williams, chief academic innovator for Launch Learning Group.

The company plans to have a version of its software available in all 50 states within the next year. It also expects to begin teaching live classes in Detroit within the next few months. That growth is expected to prompt a staff expansion to 10 people within a year.

Source: Roger Williams, chief academic innovator for Launch Learning Group
Writer: Jon Zemke
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