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Janeeva locks down steady growth with Fortune 500 customers

Janeeva is about huge growth. It's about keeping a good business going.

The Ann Arbor-based tech firm specializes in outsourcing software for larger companies. Janeeva,  creates all its software locally, helping its clients manage their outsourced operations using web-based software. Its customers include a wide variety of companies, such as large financial firms on the East Coast.

"We have a good base of Fortune 500 companies as customers," says Vinay Gupta, CEO of Janeeva. "We have a nice little business."

Which is more than enough to keep the 8-year-old firm's 10 people busy and the company profitable. Gupta is aiming to keep his company on a path for steady growth without a lot of big ups and downs.

"We keep adding a customer here and there," Gupta says.

Source: Vinay Gupta, CEO of Janeeva
Writer: Jon Zemke
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