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Google Birmingham office to grow staff

Google has some big plans for growth this year and the search engine's Birmingham office stands to benefit significantly.

Google recently recorded one of its best quarters ever and has watched some of its smaller businesses, such as its Chrome web browser and Android platform, experience huge growth. The company plans to hire people at its AdWords headquarters in Ann Arbor and its automotive office in downtown Birmingham.

"We're looking for people who know the automotive game and want to change the world," says Jake Parrillo, spokesman for Google. Check out the job openings here.

Parrillo declines to talk specific job numbers, nor would he indicate how many people Google employs in Birmingham beyond saying it has "well over 250 in Michigan." Google currently has two job openings it is currently trying to fill in Birmingham, however, Parrillo adds that the company plans to hire multiple employees for each position. "I can't give specifics but it's not 1-2 jobs," Parrillo says, adding this is part of an effort to grow the operation in a "significant way."

Google is looking for people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets who have entrepreneurial aspirations. The idea is to help get the established global tech player back to its start-up roots by attracting people who want to start their own business but feel they can have a bigger impact by working through Google.

"We're starting to become a big company but we still have the mindset of a small company," Parrillo says.

Source: Jake Parrillo, spokesman for Google
Writer: Jon Zemke
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