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Family Signal develops warning system for kids' Internet usage

Parents want to do everything they can to protect their children, but there is never enough time. Family Signal is working on software to help parents keep their kids safe, at least on the Internet, through a warning system.

The Troy-based start-up's founders were working in data encryption technology for corporations that warns them when problems arise. They have now turned that into software that provides warnings to parents when their kids might be in danger when using popular Internet programs, like Facebook.

"We're protecting them against bullying, hate, sex, drugs, violence, you name it," says Brian Eisenberg, co-founder of Family Signal. "We protect them from all of the bad stuff. The parent isn't spying on every little thing. Just the bad stuff."

Family Signal is seven months old and still working on perfecting its product. It has already added two people to its staff of six and hopes to add more in the next year. It is also planning to establish its brand this year and be able to point to a firm example of where a parent was able to protect their children with this software.

Source: Brian Eisenberg, co-founder of Family Signal
Writer: Jon Zemke
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