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Drought Juice, Benzinga join Endeavor Detroit network

Entrepreneurs from Ferndale-based Drought Juice and Detroit-based Benzinga are the latest to join the Endeavor network.

Drought is a producer of organic, cold-pressed raw juices, and the first female-led company to be part of Endeavor Detroit. Southeast Michigan Startup's sister publication Metromode recently profiled the way the local entrepreneurial system has helped nurture Drought. Through Endeavor, Drought seeks to expand its growth strategy, fundraise, and enhance its brand.

"As we strive to become leaders in the food and beverage community, we look to utilize the Endeavor platform as an opportunity to give back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by mentoring others to successful ventures," Drought cofounder and chief marketing officer Julie James says in an Endeavor press release announcing the news.

Benzinga is a financial media organization that covers analyst ratings, earnings reports and other financial news. Its website is read by 3 million people in 125 countries, according to Endeavor. Benzinga content is syndicated on partner sites such as Yahoo Finance and MSN. In addition to its downtown Detroit office, Benzinga has offices in Chicago and Delaware.

Benzinga is the first fintech company to be part of Endeavor. As an Endeavor entrepreneur, Benzinga is looking to scale in hopes of becoming the authoritative source for financial news.

"With guidance from mentors from the Endeavor network, we hope to rapidly grow the company, hire the best talent, and continue to be part of Detroit's comeback story," Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick says.

Raznick has been part of Southeast Michigan Startup's High Growth Happy Hours, sharing his story and advice with other entrepreneurs.

Endeavor is a nonprofit organization that promotes economic growth and job creation through its competitive selection process of working to mentor entrepreneurs and accelerate companies around the world. Endeavor Detroit took root in the city in 2015 and includes 13 entrepreneurs from seven companies, including Drought and Benzinga: Algal Scientific, Banza, McClure's, Varsity News Network, and Vectorform.
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