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Startup News: Core Merchant plans to reinvent credit-card payments

A trio of Bizdom U graduates are teaming up to create a better way to process credit card payments with a new startup in TechTown called Core Merchant.

Alex Linebrink, Munaf Assaf and Brandon Darling created the startup a month ago with the idea of bringing a faster, cheaper and more transparent vehicle to processing credit card payments. They believe their new system will allow these transactions to be done for less money and give customers a better idea of where their money is going.

"People put all sorts of fees on these transactions and no one knows where they're coming from," says Linebrink, Core Merchants' CEO. "We're trying to make things a little more transparent."

Core Merchant is currently offering its services to other startups as it continues to develop its product. Its business plan calls for spreading to more types of small firms this year and hiring two sales people this fall and 10-15 people within the next year.

"We're still trying to figure out what our niche is going to be," Linebrink says. "We're still trying to find our sweet spot."

Source: Alex Linebrink, CEO of Core Merchant
Writer: Jon Zemke

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