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Compendia Bioscience signs 1st software/service collaboration with big pharma firm

Compendia Bioscience is growing more than its bottom line in Ann Arbor. The 5-year-old firm is expanding its product offerings, client base and staff as it looks to continue its profitability for a third consecutive year.

"From a financial perspective we are continuing on an aggressive growth path we have been on since our early days," says Dan Rhodes, president of Compendia Bioscience.

The firm has expanded its product offerings from just research-centric software development to software services. Its products help researchers sift through mounds of biological data, enabling them to find answers to clinical questions quicker. This allows the company to streamline its customers' software for better results. "We're providing a much more complete solution to our pharma clients," Rhodes says.

Compendia Bioscience is also growing its client list, recently signing a collaboration agreement for both software licensing and expertise services with a major pharmaceutical firm. Rhodes points out that major pharmaceutical firms are downsizing, and in turn outsourcing more work. The company hopes to sign another similar agreement this year, and is working with Althea on molecular subtyping that will measure genes.

This new work has allowed the software firm to grow its staff to 27 employees and an independent contractor today. The company hired three people in 2010 and has three open positions today. It expects to add another two positions later this year.

Source: Dan Rhodes, president of Compendia Bioscience
Writer: Jon Zemke

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