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Carcode.me brings QR code tech to car dealerships

Almost everything about Carcode.me is virtual. The start-ups QR code technology allows auto buyers to shop virtually. The company is run virtually from laptops in both Ann Arbor and Seattle.

The 1-year-old firm's technology is real. It puts QR codes on cars at automotive dealerships. Potential customers can scan these codes with their smart phones and get not only the brand of car (make, model, year) but a detailed history of the car itself (mileage, VIN, car facts report).

"This is great for people in Michigan who like to walk onto the dealer lot on a Sunday, when the dealership is closed," says Nick Gorton, co-founder of Carcode.me. Gorton is a Michigan native who now lives in Seattle. The start-up's other co-founder is based in Ann Arbor's Tech Brewery.

Carcode.me's team of four people works with more than 100 car dealerships across the country. Gorton and his team are working on perfecting the technology before broadening its customer base.

"We are a customer-oriented technology," Gorton says. "We're really concerned with having the right product before we really scale it."

Source: Nick Gorton, co-founder of Carcode.me
Writer: Jon Zemke
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