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Bizdom recruits blog start-up Canopi to Detroit

Bizdom, the entrepreneurial education program, has gotten one of the up-and-coming startups in Cincinnati to relocate to downtown Detroit. The husband-wife-and sister team behind Canopi executed the move to the [email protected] Building early this year to become a part of the most recent Bizdom class.

"We decided to pick up and move," says Erin Flynn, president & chief content officer for Canopi. "In a matter of 3-4 weeks we sold our home and moved up here."

Erin Flynn and her husband, Colin, and her sister-in-law, Amy, are the core of the six-person team behind Canopi and now new residents of downtown Detroit. Erin Flynn got her start in 2009 as the creative force behind the fashion blog, RealityChicBlog.com. That inspired her to find better ways to create connections between readers and blogs, which turned into Canopi. The 1-year-old Internet start-up specializes in connecting readers with new blogs and connecting those blogs and readers with brands launching advertising campaigns.

"I saw this triangle between readers, brands and bloggers," Erin Flynn says. "That's where we came up with the idea of Canopi." She describes her job as taking "the work out of finding great blogs."

The Canopi team will spend the next few months going through Bizdom's educational program and building its startups in [email protected] Building. Erin Flynn is planning to begin fundraising for a seed capital round later this year.

Source: Erin Flynn, president & chief consultant Canopi
Writer: Jon Zemke
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