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Bromberg & Associates finds the right words for growth in Hamtramck

Bromberg & Associates has figured out a smart way to talk its way into more work, more clients, and more growth. The language services firm has all three and more these days.

The Hamtramck-based company has grown its revenue by 25 percent, bringing in more work from existing clients and adding new customers. It has also hired six people, expanding its staff to 15 employees and four interns. Those new jobs include a interpreting project manager, a cultural awareness coordinator, a business development specialists, and language experts. It’s also looking to hire two more people to keep up with demand for it services.

"We're rapidly growing," says Catherine Radloff, director of operations for Bromberg & Associates. "We have a couple more huge clients in the pipeline."

Bromberg & Associates offers technologically advanced language services to corporations and government institutions. Its services include onsite telephonic and video remote interpreting, document translation, website localization, language training, relocation services, and bilingual staffing for more than 150 languages.

However, the 16-year-old firm’s recent growth has more to do with its business philosophy than its services or new technology offerings. Radloff credits Bromberg & Associates customer-oriented approach to doing business with its ability to add more clients like the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and Mountain Park Health Center.

"Being consistent, reliable, and dedicated means so much," Radloff says. She adds, "The team of people we have in place is the best Bromberg has ever seen. All of the arrows are pointed in the right direction."

Source: Catherine Radloff, director of operations for Bromberg & Associates
Writer: Jon Zemke
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