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BBCetc helps SE Michigan start-ups attract millions in seed capital

The people at BBC Entrepreneurial Training Corp like to use the words "Return On Investment" or ROI, which makes sense for a company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs and start-ups secure seed capital.

The Ann Arbor firm's latest example is the 20 times ROI it is claiming the state has enjoyed through BBCetc's services. The company received funding from the state's 21st Century Jobs Fund to help early stage technology companies write applications for things like government grants. The end result so far has been $80 million in non-diluted funding (meaning the entrepreneurs didn't have sell part of the company for the cash) to 150 companies in the state since 2002 as part of the Statewide SBIR/STTR Consulting Services Program.

One of the local companies that received this help was NeuroNexus Technologies. The Ann Arbor-based firm used BBC etc's training and consulting to land federal grant funding. "That money helps them develop the next generation of their products," says Lisa Kurek, managing partner of BBC etc.

Other companies that have utilized BBC etc's services, which employs half a dozen people and about as many consulting partners, include Compendia Biosciences, T/J Technologies, NanoVir. The last is a start-up founded by ex-Pfizer scientists.

"They're moving quite rapidly down the development pipeline and are ready to secure their next round of funding," Kurek says.

Source: Lisa Kurek, managing partner of BBC Entrepreneurial Training Corp
Writer: Jon Zemke
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