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Detroit Venture's Josh Linkner calls out Silicon Valley

Former ePrize founder and CEO and local entrepreneurial guru takes a sharp needle to the Silicon Valley's over-inflated bubble and extolls the virtues of growing a company in Detroit.
"Many people think the Valley is the best place to start a digital/tech company. While there have been no shortage of successful start-ups in Silicon Valley, I argue that many of those ventures succeeded in spite of their location. For me, this “best place” logic makes no sense. In the Bay Area, there is more competition for everything – talent, funding, office space, resources, etc.  What kind of investment tip is “buy high, sell high?” As an entrepreneur, it’s difficult enough getting a company off the ground; why make your work any harder than it already is? Give yourself more leeway – pay fewer dollars for higher-grade intellect, make a splash in the media because you’re the big fish, and get the investment community to notice you and the traction you’re making. Why over-pay just to blend in? When you’re swimming in a vast ocean filled with other startups, you need herculean accomplishments to stand out any more than the next guy. Every single day. Good luck with that."

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