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Michigan Growth Capital Symposium inspires the question: What ever happened to IPOs?

Xconomy reflects on MGCS's start-up competition and concludes that Michigan still hasn't evolved its entrepreneurial investment strategies. Are we locked in the 'work-for-a-big-company' mindset?


"And with potential acquirers sitting on tons of cash, selling your startup makes perfect sense. After all, the state has seen some nice exits in recent years, including Accuri Cytometers, HandyLabs, HealthMedia, and Arbor Networks.

But I suspect culture may have something to do it.

Michigan has produced its fair share of entrepreneurs whose startups went or probably will go public-Larry Page at Google, Eric Lefkofsky at Groupon.

But those companies aren't based in Michigan. Unlike Silicon Valley and Boston, entrepreneurs in Michigan, and the Midwest in general, are not big risk takers—and other than launching a startup, there's no bigger risk than taking it public. An IPO also implies a long term commitment to the state where you're headquartered."

Read the rest of the story here.

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