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3D Biomatrix expands product portfolio, sales

The University of Michigan spun out 3D Biomatrix three years ago but the bio-tech startup is starting to show some significant gains for its expanding product portfolio.

"We have a lot of repeat customers around the world," says Laura Schrader, CEO of 3D Biomatrix. "That's a good indicator of a viable product."

The Ann Arbor-based company, it calls U-M’s Venture Accelerator home, develops 3D cell culture Hanging Drop Plates for lab research in cancer treatments or stem cells. These plates allow cells to grow in 3D like they do in the body. Most current methods offer flat surfaces, similar to slides or petri dishes. The 96-well plates sell well for users using manual lab methods. The 384-well plates are growing in use as they work well with automated lab equipment, spiking sales for it and the firm’s revenues.

"We're not only adding new products to our portfolio but our products are becoming more widespread," Schrader says.

3D Biomatrix
and its team of four employees and the occasional intern are looking at expanding the startup’s product portfolio further with more testing equipment for personalized medicine uses.

"That's a space that has great possibilities," Schrader says.

Source: Laura Schrader, CEO of 3D Biomatrix
Writer: Jon Zemke
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