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Woman Owned

Women have long played key roles on Metro Detroit's stage, ranging from big-time politicians like Gov. Granholm (a product of Metro Detroit) to small business owners like Cynthia Pasky, founder of downtown Detroit-based Strategic Staffing Solutions. They don't have Y chromosomes but you don't have to listen for long before you hear one of them roar in southeast Michigan, and know she's the boss.


Sassa Akervall

Akervall Technologies hits its stride when the business moves beyond its CEO

Sassa Akervall built her mouthguard startup, Akervall Technologies, from scratch. But Saline-based company started to grow quickly when its CEO became less of a manager and more of a leader. That maturation is why Akervall Technologies is one of the Gazelle 100, a year-long exploration of the fastest-growing startups in Metro Detroit as part of SEMichiganStartup's Year of the Gazelle series.

Amy Swift

Amy Swift on evolving a company's business plan and focus

Amy Swift launched Building Hugger a few years ago with an idea or two of what to do with it. Several ideas later the Detroiter is figuring out what her business is all about and where it's going.

Sarah Nicoli

Sarah Nicoli, relaunching a 20th Century business in the 21st Century

Sarah Nicoli started her own day planner line, DotMine Day Planners, in the late 20th Century. She stopped production last year only to meet a vocal demand for the return of her day planners. She relaunched the firm over the last year.

Lindsey Walenga

Lindsey Walenga on building a client list from scratch

Lindsey Walenga is the co-founder of Siren PR, helping build a client list from nothing. Today she and her partner have the Royal Oak-based boutique public relations agency growing quickly thanks to new customers.

Stacy Goldberg

Stacy Goldberg on evolving the best path forward for your business

Savorfull originally got its start selling healthy boxed meals and moved to providing healthy-eating consulting services. Stacy Goldberg, Savorfull's CEO, explains why that switch made sense.

Juliet Shrader

Juliet Shrader, expanding leadership to grow a company

Growing a company isn't just about adding more employees. Sometimes it's about adding more leadership. It's what Juliet Shrader discovered when she expanded iVantage Group's executive team and revenue growth followed.

Joe Hessling

Joe Hessling, balancing CEO and shareholder duties

Joe Hessling is the founder & CEO of 365 Retail Markets, which means he has to balance a shareholder's need to create value and a executive's impulse to build a business.

Catherine Watson

Sabra Scott-Moorman & Catherine Watson, telling entrepreneurs' stories

Every day Sabra Scott-Moorman and Catherine Watson work to get business owners to tell their stories. It's the basis of what their business, Cosmo Branding and Marketing, is built on.

Sassa Akervall

Sassa Akervall, taking biz from the basement to its 1st office

Sassa Akervall has built her business from the basement up. The CEO of Akervall Technologies recently took the startup from her house to its first office in Saline.

Helen Dennis

Helen Dennis on encore entrepreneurship and starting the same business a second time

Helen Dennis already started, built and sold one successful business. Now she is doing it again with 300 Decisions, a relocation management firm based in Ann Arbor. Check out her reasons for encore entrepreneurship.
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