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The Empowerment Plan

1401 Vermont St.
Detroit, MI 48216

Veronika Scott

Who was your first customer and where did you find them?
Michelle outside of Cass Community Social Services.

Where did you find your first employee?
Put out applications at Cass Community Social Services.

Where have you turned to find capital to grow your company and which institutions have provided it?
Private investors have contacted me in order to invest in The Empowerment Plan.

What are some of the advantages to doing business here?
Better affiliation with the community as we continue to try and better those within it as well as the community itself.

Name an idea, policy or mindset from elsewhere that you would like to see this region adopt?
The reopening of mental institutions within the city of Detroit. Many of the homeless living here, have mental instabilities. Detroit needs to create a mindset among it’s citizens and within it’s communities that the homeless epidemic is a real part of
society and must in fact be broken. By bringing back industrial production, there can be a surplus of jobs, which in turn can help to break this cycle. We need to start creating our own jobs.

What could local leaders do to help attract and retain more entrepreneurial young people to Metro Detroit?
Make everything that they produce more accessible to the younger generation as well as again, using the resources of this city to create sustainable jobs and connections within the community. Detroit is an inspiring place. It has the capacity to produce creativity and productivity for as long as local leaders continue to pave the way for others. Detroit is the wild west of creativity and will pull itself up by it’s bootstraps, and with local leaders continuing to set an example, this city will succeed.

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