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Sadek Legal

Detroit, MI 48226

Tifani Sadek

When Tifani Sadek first moved to Detroit, she began to meet plenty of new people. A lot of her new friends ending up being entrepreneurs and small business owners.

"Living downtown, I kept running into entrepreneurs," Sadek says. "They would come to me with legal issues all the time."

Sadek couldn't help these clients while working full-time at a large firm where rates were just too high. She also didn’t know who she could refer these people to for legal services. It appeared that there was a gap in the market. After giving it some thought and realizing how much she enjoyed working with entrepreneurs, she quit her day job to start Sadek Legal.

About six months later, business has going well for Sadek. She's launched a flat-rate, fee-based legal business for entrepreneurs and small business owners, with special discounts for those living in Detroit.

"There so many benefits for not being in Detroit," Sadek says. "I want to continue to give a benefit for being here."

Sadek first made her way to the Midwest after graduating from law school at the University of Virginia and working for large law firms in Houston and Chicago. In 2012, she moved to Detroit with her husband where they could still enjoy an urban lifestyle at a much more affordable cost.

Now, Sadek gets to work on her own startup while helping entrepreneurs, and she loves her job. She enjoys getting to help a variety of entrepreneurs, who always help her think outside the box, too. It also gives her the opportunity to be in a position where she can educate others about the law. Sadek teaches at the University of Michigan Law School and sits on the boards of Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association and the D. Augustus Straker Bar Association.

One thing she noticed is entrepreneurs need help with are the basics like setting up contracts, asking the right questions, and helping them properly protect their new businesses.

"It's not always about protecting clients. It's often about helping them learn what's important to discuss and think through with their business," Sadek says.

Running her own law firm has its exciting moments and perks. She recently helped a small business owner close an important real-estate deal that was very timely, causing her to pull off the highway to write up a contract for the entrepreneur. The result was getting to help directly her client’s business grow from the ground up, something she couldn’t do at a big law firm.

- Written by Amanda Lewan

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