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Stacy Goldberg on evolving the best path forward for your business

All businesses evolve. Well at least the successful ones. It explains why Savorfull has been able to harness the evolution of its business plan and turn it into a growing bottom line.

"For the first two years we were testing things and working to find out what works the best for us," Goldberg says.

The Detroit-based startup, it calls the New Center neighborhood home, has always been a business that connects businesses with healthy-eating options. How it accomplishes that has been evolving. The firm launched in 2012 as an Internet start-up that provided boxed meals for people with restrictive diets, such as those with peanut allergies or who are gluten intolerant.

It turned out to be an idea that sounded good on the surface but didn’t look as attractive when it was executed in the real world.

"We found that in the food space its difficult to scale that model," Goldberg says. "What you want in a box is something very different than someone else with a different food allergy."

So Savorfull pivoted. Goldberg has made a career as a nutritional consultant so Savorfull became a company developing a platform where people can access information about making the best healthy choices for their diet. It proved a step in the right direction but not the stride the company need to hit to grow.

Savorfull, a Bizdom graduate, became a company that connects businesses with healthy eating options. It ended up landing a number of large clients, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, looking to maximize their nutritional intake.

"We had a lot of growth in that area," Goldberg says. "It has been very successful for us."

Which means the Savorfull team is focusing on sprawling out that niche. It now works with large organizations to help give their staffs the options to make the best eating options. It also serves as a one-stop shop for these organizations to find the healthy foods.

"We come in and help them figure out the best healthy options for that organization,” Goldberg says. "We like to say, 'We eliminate the Costco runner.' Every business seems to have a Costco runner."

Carving out this niche has worked out well for Savorfull over the last year. It now has a staff of three people working with its growing list of clients.

"They know they have this customer demand but they don't know where to find the right product to meet it," Goldberg says. "We try to find a healthier option in every food category."

- Written by Jon Zemke

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